It’s Complicated……

I surely hope you’ve seen the movie It’s Complicated. This is my…… third time viewing it?   I think it will be one of my all time favorites.  Movies do that to you.  They click with what you are going through….or what you’ve ‘gone’ through.  What may be coming.  It’s an emotional sync.

I sit here with my newly l8 year old, Doodlebug (aka Laura), as she sleeps snuggled up beside me.  Sipping Pinot Grigio…..  knowing that there is hope for us out there.  There is always hope.  I don’t care how low you go, what predicament you are in, hope is there.  It lurks and springs itself upon you.   It’s happy to see you, will bounce all over you and slobber kisses all over your nose.  (and no, it’s not the Pinot talking…..I’m basically a happy camper optimistic guru here).

Do you want to know just a few reasons I love this movie?  Well, the first is an obvious, I’m a huge Meryl Streep fan.  Just huge.  I adore her.  She embodies so much of who I am, or who I want to be.  Especially in this movie.  Now, there is only one of my ex-beau’s who I would even think of having an affair with, and I’ve actually been there done that with him.  I don’t think he was married at the time but who knows…he could have been.  He lied to me so much I never knew when to believe him or not.   It was more of a chemistry relationship.  Way too much attraction between the two and no intellect going on.

Secondly, we learn and get better the older we get.  And the romance will always be there.  There is someone out there who is going to love and cherish you and think you hung the moon.  And that my dear friends is what I’m going for.

Now the scene you see that I’ve captured for this post….I’ve actually been in the same position.  It was comfortable, a bit naughty and very surreal.  We had already been through the break-up, only a year had passed I think.   Both of us had moved on, but still felt this incredible connection, a physical one.  I think so much negative has passed between us that would never happen again.  Betrayal is a terrible feeling.  Even when you justify what you’ve done, the underlying sense of darkness prevails.   I’ve never met someone (speaking of this particular x-husband) who could lie to you, point blank, no faltering in eye contact, and you knowing that he is lying.  He knows you know.  But it still happens.  That is the part that takes over and kills any and all chemical attraction.  At least I hope to God it does.  It did for me.

Now, even though the movie had some incredibly funny moments, and I have too during all of that with ‘he who shall not be named’, it’s still a part of who you are.  You reflect on all the situations you’ve been in.  You keep the good, remember the bad and let it go.

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