Carly Hardy – Artist–

Of course being  a social gal, I’m always very interested in people.  I met Carly Hardy through a mutual friend (Don Shomaker – also an incredible artisan in his own right – more to come on Don who is also a friend & neighbor).

Carly is quite lovely and striking.  Her hair is amazing – all this gray swirled in with darker gray.  I’m a nut about gray hair….especially when it’s long.  I know…I’m an unusual breed…that’s what makes me special!  Long gray hair looks super cool in my book.

Carly is so awesome because of her art!  I actually have one of her paintings on my laptop as a screen saver. (Oh! Barefoot Contessa just came on! Love her – will multi-task as I write here)….ok…where was I…. OH! Carly!  Her art is just incredible.  Colors that pop but are also bleeding into one another but containing the entirety of the piece if that makes any sense (my explanation – humor me).

The piece I have above is the one I’ve saved on my laptop.  It moves me every time I’m up and running IT wise.  (which is a lot!) Isn’t it just lovely?  How everything melts downwards.  :::Happy sigh:::::::

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