Something lost and then found! ::::happy dance::::::

Have you ever misplaced something and couldn’t find it?  I’m normally very organized but find that between my recent move to Charleston and now back again to ATL, some things are not exactly where they are supposed to be.  Go figure.

Yesterday, I had the need to find my passport and quickly!  Now, I had said ‘passport’ not too long ago mind you.  I could see the red leather encasement that  covered the passport in my mind.  I could feel it in my hands.  A trip to the storage facility was in order.  :::dread and grinding teeth:::::

After relaying the task at hand to Richard Pfleger (major love bunny of a guy and Val’s other half), he began one of his stories which makes me mentally plop down and pay strict attention.  He told me the story of ‘The God Box’ and asked if I had one.  For some reason the song that has the lyrics ‘momma’s got a squeeze-box she wears on her chest’ which I’ve never understood what the song is about even now!  – has been running through my mind since Richard mentioned the God Box. (both had Box in the story-line in case you missed my line of thinking).    Basically you put what you need on a slip of paper and place it in a box.  You give it up.  I have done this mentally yesterday in regards to my passport search.

Getting up early and tip-toeing down the hall to make coffee, thinking  should I put a pillow over the grinder so as not to wake Val & Richard (remember – I’m staying with them until the lease is up on my house – which is next May!), then accidentally breaking the top to a mug (loud crash and grimace on my face) I get said coffee made, tip-toe back to get flip flops and purse and out the door to storage facility!   Snuggles, Romeo & Juliette (cats) purring and needing a pet before I’m out the door.

After going through 6 bags and various containers, finally……. tearing open the bag and the passport gleamed and almost levitated (lack of oxygen and too much coffee at this point) before me.  I grabbed it from the bag and broke into a very big Charlie Brown happy dance!  Twisting….twirling…..  holding the passport as if the World Cup was mine! All mine!  :::::happy sigh::::

I felt the need to share my happiness with you this morning.  :::wiggling toes merrily::::::

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