WESTVIEW CEMETERY — an incredible part of Atlanta!

Westview Cemetery is just an incredible curiosity, especially for the 8 year old who surfaces a lot in me.  It’s morbid curiosity on my part.  I’m OK with that.

I have always loved cemeteries.  They are creepy, historical, spooky and curious – all rolled into one.  Yes, I’m a member of  Find A Death.com, surely you are too.  I think sometimes we are called Death Hags, although I just prefer ‘morbidly curious’.

In Atlanta, we have some fabulously curious cemeteries.  One favorite is Westview Cemetery located in West End about 10 minutes South West of the city.  Just the other day, on a spur of a moment, I went with a friend to explore the Mausoleum which is an incredible building. It holds a chapel, and hundreds of crypts.

It’s been quite hot in Atlanta and we are only in August, thus we still have some super hot days until we turn the corner into Fall.   The Mausoleum is found after meandering through acres of headstones, statues & trees.  I’ve always thought it would be an incredible affair to hold a Halloween Party at the Mausoleum there.  I’m sure the dead people would enjoy a good party every now and then.  If you want a creepy interesting place to explore, you MUST do this.  It’s mandatory for all those other ‘8 year olds stuck in an adult’ like me!

What’s the creepiest cemetery you’ve ever explored?  Enlighten me!


One thought on “WESTVIEW CEMETERY — an incredible part of Atlanta!

  1. annladenberger June 24, 2014 / 8:59 am

    Thanks for the review. I’ll add Westview to my “To visit” list. Also, a tip–have you checked out findagrave.com ? If not, you must–I’m sure you’d love it.

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