Being Alone ‘versus’ Being Lonely

I’ve always been quite comfortable being alone aka by myself.  I’ll dine at any restaurant, attend a movie, music venue, etc.  I’ve even been on vacation by myself quite a few times.  I never let the fact that I was single stop me from doing anything.  Being able to spend time with yourself, and feeling OK and comfortable with that, is to me a very important feature and fact of ‘who’ you are.

In the article ‘How to Enjoy Being Alone’, you’ll find some great tips on the art of spending time with the most important person YOU.  If YOU’RE not happy being with YOU, how in the world can you be HAPPY WITH ANYONE ELSE?  Think about that for a minute if you will.

One stream of thought that came to me (epiphany) years ago, is that people need to worry about what I think of them and not the other way around.  People, especially women, get all wound up in what someone will THINK about them.

Example:  I had a dear friend years back – she was a beautiful lady.  Educated (Masters in Nursing),  striking naturally curly blonde hair, beautiful green eyes.  Just incredibly lovely.  She was married to a doctor and had an incredible life.  Two healthy beautiful girls (our kids were the same age).  We vacationed together, played racquetball together.  It was so sad to see her fall apart at a social event because of low self-esteem.  She was constantly concerned about what other people thought of her.  I would gently tell her she needed to think about it differently – they need to worry about what SHE thinks of THEM.  It seemed to help a bit and take the edge off of social jitters.

Are you comfortable being alone?  I mean..sure I get lonely at times.  Now that I’m married to an incredible man ::::wiggling toes merrily::::: I miss him when we aren’t together.  That’s pretty darn normal I believe.   But do I enjoy being with just ‘Kimberly?’  Absolutely.   I happen to like myself quite a bit.

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