The Practical Widow

The Practical Widow was brought to my attention by a  friend and neighbor yesterday.   This particular person is very dear to me.  We share a bond that knows no boundaries. It’s the kind of link with one another that makes you smile when you think of her (SEE?? I just smiled thinking of her).  I awoke this morning (at 5am-ish) with her on my mind.  She lost her husband not long ago.

She had emailed and asked if I wanted to come over for wine and chatter last night.  “Of course!’ was my response.  There are various places at her home where these events take place.  Either by the pool (a bit too hot at the moment), or the West Lawn which is actually her front yard, or the sun porch which is a cozy room with pillows, art, shells, books, and things that make her smile.  This has become our gathering of late being that it’s been so incredibly hot here in the South.   This dear friend of mine is quite delightful and lovely.  She has beautiful green eyes, red hair and a laugh that makes me laugh back in return.   We are both quirky and recognize so much of ourselves in one another even though our ages are separated by years – we are kindred spirits.  Fast friends who will come to the aid of the other in a moment’s notice.  I am enchanted by her and feel quite incredibly lucky we are friends in this vast world of people and places.  That we found one another.

I had a Historic College Park Arts Festival meeting thus the visit was short but filled with as much as we could pack into giggles, talk, wine & popcorn from Trader Joes! My dear sweet friend lost her husband not long ago.  Sometimes it seems as if its only been very recent, sometimes it seems longer.   I cannot imagine what she has been through.  I know she has come a long way, but know the journey is ever changing.   I remembered telling her late husband  how much he reminded me of the Sea Captain in the old movie The Ghost & Mrs. Muir.  Gene Tierney & Rex Harrison starred in this 1940’s romance.   I like to think of him still hanging around, watching over her.  I’m sure he does too.  They had a romance.  She was a kite floating through the clouds and he grounded her holding the string.

I love you girlie girl.  Thanks for sharing the blog and I hope it helps someone else. xo

** I always try to choose an image that reflects my feelings of what I am writing.   This particular piece is called ‘The Widow and the Mourning Sea’ by Marcello Ferrado-Noli.

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