Being A ‘List Person’ — and owning it!

Either you are or you aren’t – a ‘list person‘ that is.   I’m fairly certain I picked it up from my father, who had a list for everything.  Or maybe you’re just born a list person.  I have a system I’ve developed for me personally, because I keep so many lists!  I have  a notebook for each car, because when I’m driving I  have these epiphanies about something I want to learn, or do or write or need to do. I’ll hear something on NPR and zoom zoom I’ll grab my notepad and scribble.  I have a notepad in my handbag.  I have one by the bed.  Oh, I also keep a personal journal.  That’s not really a list though, is it.

I  have a daily log I keep on my desk, that’s a ‘to do’ list for the day.  But then attached to that is a sticky note just for that day – for errands.  It’s  a very easy system and works really well for me.

In addition to all of that (stop psycho-analyzing everyone)  I have a ‘year’ to do list which is also somewhat of a goal list as well.  I have a sheet of card stock and have headers for each of those.  Examples for headers for each of those would be:  Social, Real Estate, Writing, Family, House, etc……  then on each of those, I put a post- it note with an on-going list for whatever it is I have coming up, and what is needed for that event or to-do item.

Now, coming up I’m going on Spring Break with my daughter, Laura (aka The Doodle).  I was shocked and excited when she called to ask if we could head to the beach for Spring Break.  She’s a freshman at University of Alabama (let me interject a ROOOOLLLLL TIDDDDEEEE right here).   Of course the wonderful thing about your children getting older is that you can have conversations with them and they actually respond and interact.  It’s amazing.  I’m wiggling my toes merrily just thinking about nesting in a beach chair, large floppy hat and sunglasses, my kindle and magazines, a fruity drink by my side with a tiny orange umbrella and deep conversations with my 18 year old.  I’ll let you know if the deep conversations occur.  I’m hopeful.  The reason I bring the trip up is because after making the reservations last night on Expedia (don’t tell the gnome! ) I went to my office to the third shelf of my bookcases and grabbed a new notebook.  It’s for my ‘Jamaica Trip List ‘.  I get as much joy starting the list as I do actually going on the trip I think.  Funny what pleases you and making a list pleases me tremendously!  And checking an item off….well….. let’s just say it’s as if I’ve just completed brain surgery.   It’s self-gratification instantly.  Love it.

Get the picture?  Are you a list person?  What is your system and are either of your parents a list person?

One thought on “Being A ‘List Person’ — and owning it!

  1. penneyfox June 5, 2012 / 8:23 am

    So glad to hear others do this too! I keep those small yellow pads all over the house to write stuff down, keep my work organized in a daytimer (think I’m the only person who writes in these things and keep my appt in it!) and for the rest of my world, i have three ring binders with colored dividers. I am so right there with you. 🙂

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