Starting a trend……..

I remember reading an article in a magazine about a designer.  In one of the photographs she was on her bike.  It had a huge basket on the front filled with flowers.  The basket was covered in seashells that she had glued on the front from her beach travels.  I’ve never forgotten that photo or the thought.  A few weeks back I went to a dear friend’s house for a morning coffee meeting of the ‘Fluffy Club’ (for those who know about the club — shhhhhhh he he he).

I sat at my desk and looked through the french doors out onto the screened porch where my bike ‘Penelope’ (yes….. I also name everything ::::sticking my tongue out at you::::::::) sat perched for action.  Penelope has a wicker basket on the front.  That article popped up in my head again.  I whipped out my hot glue gun and BAM.  Penelope had a cluster of pink blossoms proudly displayed on her basket.  She was happy I could tell (no I’m not on medications- nor should I be -or am I smoking anything….. I’m overly-imaginative at times…..I own it!).

I happily slipped a baseball cap on my head – donned flip-flops and rode Penelope to my friends home for Fluffy Club meeting.  It was a joyous ride I can tell you.  A few cars passed and honked to wave (they were neighbors mostly  – did i spur them on to decorate their own bikes? Do they even own bikes??? These questions swirled as I chugged up Rugby Ave finally slipping off to walk up the huge hill).

My point being, get out and do it in style (even if it’s quirky).  Dare to be different!



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