Tomato Head – Knoxville — fun funky and incredibly good food

          A ‘Gigglefest‘ ensued this past weekend in Knoxville TN.   Home of UT Football, the song Rocky Top and all things seemingly orange.  Not everyone looks good in orange I would like to gently put out there…. ahem.
          I had the most lovely weekend visiting a dear friend. We giggled and chatted unending the first night staying up completely past my bedtime (which is very close to 9:30).  It was OK though…. it was a Gigglefest and for that I will stay up late – or at least give the appearance of being awake (this includes a lot of blinking and hair twirling).  Nestled in the lovely home of my friend I sleepily walked up the large wooden steps to the top loft and slipped into a wonderfully cozy bed.  A smile was present on my face for multiple reasons.  :::beaming:::::   the black lab (one of three) hopped up, did a few turns kneading her feet up and down to get her spot “just right” then plopped down to keep me company as I slept.  Which was rather quickly I might add.  I extended my right hand to do swirls in her thick black fur.  That didnt’ last long. How can one not sleep quickly and  well after several glasses of vino, erudite though giggled conversations, in an incredibly quilt covered bed with a black lab named Casey. Tell me.
          Of course I get up quite early (you wouldn’t know that but I do)……. but my dearest friend sleeps late – which most normal people do I’ve heard.   BUT…. getting up early means you’re alone and can do wonderful things like…. throw the ball for the labs into the lake, drink coffee and ponder the wonders of life — all in my pjs which is incredibly pleasing. Truly. The rest of the world slumbers as I watch events unfold that others miss.  There are many wonders to ponder of late which is quite lovely actually.  I listened for honks as geese flew in….I watched them bobble around then  off again they flew….their webbed feet and feathered underbellies quite magical to this gal.  I’ll pull my car over if I hear a non-vehicle related HONK.  Just to see the V come flying across the skies – a gaggle of geese sailing through the air.  Ahhh.  The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me.
          We had planned to do Yoga this particularly sunny Saturday morning and visiting another dear Friend Patty Dougherty (Yoga master at large) at MoonPointe.  If you’re ever in the Knoxville area and want to take an incredibly stimulating and thought provoking Yoga class… Patty.
          We were gladly hooking up after Yoga by another friend  who joined us at the open air market in downtown K’ville.  How lovely!  Foodies galore united!  Freshly baked bread, incredibly plump and colorful veggies, dogs galore! (note — a small black pug pup named Holy stole my HEART!).
          We had brunch at The Tomato Head which is what this article is really about (well…it was intended to be about the restaurant…truly).  Tomato Head was packed….. upon entering the door one had to walk sideways brushing up against others to get to the hostess stand.  We were hungry (starving from all that Yoga) thus we were happy to forge ahead.  An industrial type setting, with open kitchen.  A bright sunny space with large windows on one side.  We were much to my complete happiness (stomach grumbling) taken back fairly quickly (well…we WERE all in tights…that could have paid off here) where a server immediately took drink orders.  Point!  The menu was incredible…. We split a very tasty large spinach salad with something called ‘Benton’s Bacon‘ which is supposedly quite the sensation in Tennessee.   And what a pig…a fine tasty pig.  :::mouth still watering thinking about that bacon…what are they feeding those pigs? Santa Claus? Hm::::::::::::   I had the Zipolite (Organic black beans,cheese,fresh spinach,roasted Portobella mushrooms,topped with fresh tomato salsa & crema) which made my toes curl quite happily.   The food is fresh with interesting combinations.  And lots of it.  Heaping would come to mind.  For these three gals famished from being twisted like a pretzel earlier that morning, we were pleased…pleased….pleased.  I would like to mention Bliss— a funky little boutique beside Tomato Head….. interesting clothing and jewelry…. make a note to stop by.The rest of the weekend was spent in all that erudite conversation (amongst giggles of course), with double chocolate vodkasipped leisurely (ahem), and then another incredible dinner by my dearest friend that evening.  We were feeling quite the spoiled little princesses at that point.  Right girlie girls?        Sunday was coffee and more pondering waiting for dearest friend to awaken.  I didn’t mind at all…… more geese to be watched, more balls to be thrown, leaves to be cherished and bugs to be explored…. and I then headed home.  All is right with the world and then some. 

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