The Wrecking Bar Brewpub in L5P ATL

wrecking-bar-brewpubI’ve always been drawn to the Greek Revival-ish building that holds the now Wrecking Bar Brewpub — it previously housed architectual antiques, but had also been a dance school and church from what I’ve read. Located in one of my favorite niches in ATL – Little Five Points or L5P.  The top portion of the buidling is for special events with the bottom half of the building housing the bar/restaurant.  My first impression on my initial visit reminded me of being in a quaint lodge/bar in Aspen minus the snow, mountains, celebrities and skis. Although lately for this Atlanta native we’ve had pretty much all of that with these very nippy temps (minus the actual snow THANK GOD and skis  however we are getting plenty of celebrity sightings in ATL – HELLO!).

The exposed stone, low ceilings and dark cavernous feel of the interior is quite appealing.  It’s become the particularly pleasure-food seeking weekly haunt for many.  I recently met up with a few friends (one of whom I attended Jr. High with — is that a kick or what –).     Wrecking Bar was packed tightly this windy and cold  Saturday evening — the wait wasn’t too very long. Remember Ms. Impatient here however we had just enough time to people watch, catch up with a development of slight longing for a menu as food whizzed past by wait staff to parts unknown.

I’m not a beer drinker (I know….I know…) thus I can only comment on the fact that everyone else at the table seemed to enjoy their different shades of ale as they were promptly delivered to our table by a bearded and jovial Paul, our waiter.  I did have a waft of beer essense as I asked to ‘sniff test’ everyones ales of all shades and a very small dark syrup like ale for Ann.  They were pleased as we dove into the thick gooey very tasty beer fondue with pretzels and apple/veggies served on a slate tile.  YUM! We all ordered (believe it or not) the grilled cheese.  They have a fairly diverse menu but we were just all hankering for cheese on sourdough.  Happy campers were we!  I added very cripsy bacon to mine but tomato was also an addition for many at the table.  Ample choices for sides were available.

I very much recommend a stop to the Wrecking Bar.  Parking is competitive, thus park across the street on opposite side of Moreland or take a chance for valet which fills up quickly.


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