Lawrence’s Cafe – Decatur Ga

lc5I hope I never lose my internal curiosity to explore, learn and seek.   I joined Ms. Margie’s Supper Club for just that reason.  To explore food and restaurants that I might otherwise ‘pft’ and never try (fyi – ‘pft’ is a dismissive noise made with your mouth — got it?).  So a wee bit about Ms. Margie — super cool lady who owns The Vegetable Husband.   With a business like that you know she knows the food industry.   Exactly.

For our meeting last night, Ms. Margie was unfortunately sick (hope you’re better Margie!).   So, a few of us decided to go anyway, and I’m so glad we did!  Our destination was Lawrences Cafe — located on W College Ave right down from the wonderful campus of Agnes Scott.  Located in small collection of buildings, it appeared warm and inviting as it dusk rolled in far too soon.  I’m really looking forward to longer days.   My friend and I didn’t really know what to expect and then we saw Lebanese food we both looked at one another with surprise.  I knew nothing of Lebanese food and wished Margie was here to walk us through.  The menu outside looked quite tasty as we walked in.

Once inside, high ceilings and a warm glow was felt immediately.   Wine was ordered and then grape leaves wrapped in seasoned meat with yogurt dipping sauce (TO DIE FOR!).  I actually had a second order and wished like heck I had some for breakfast as I sit here this morning writing .  Addictive is how I would describe them.  Holy cow :::::mouth watering:::::.    The dishes were wonderfully named like ‘Babaganush’ which makes me think of a person on Seinfeld.   I ordered roasted leg of lamb which was divine.   The bread (pita) was served with garlic olive oil butter.  Once again — addictive.

The three of us who were able to attend were definately pleased pleased pleased and will be back!  The owner Tony Chebib was delightful, coming to our table several times.  We couldn’t express enough how much we loved the food and cafe.

About the Owner:

————Tony Chebib grew up in Falougha Mount-Liban, Lebanon. As a child he was eating the same healthy and tasty dishes which he is serving today. When going back home he still enjoys watching the chefs prepare local favorites.  Lebanese cuisine is simply good for you. The Mediterranean diet just got named one of the top three best in the world by U.S. News. Tony says, “Many of our dishes are traditionally vegan and gluten free. We use lean meats. It’s all about the food we serve back home. People keep coming back because it tastes delicious and nutritious.”

His secret ingredient is simplicity. By combining the freshest ingredients from the farmers market with recipes handed down through the generations Tony has recreated the Lebanese experience worthy of the Decatur pallet.  Tony has been adding his personal touch to Lawrence’s Cafe since 1990. He started on Buford Hwy and has been wanting for the last 10 years to move his restaurant to Decatur. He says it’s because, “People in Decatur really appreciate good food and value diversity, and individually owned restaurants.”In January 2013 he found a new home for Lawrence’s Cafe right here in Oakhurst————-

I HIGHLY recommend a visit (sooner rather than later) to this fabulous find.   A great pairing of a neighborhood restaurant and a very easy location for parking .


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