DSCF2528I drive A LOT. I enjoy driving.   Running Peachtree Estate Sales  means I am all over metro-Atlanta and then some.  I also use my Google maps app quite a bit.  I’ve tried many devices to ‘hold’ my iphone on the dash, but it never seems to be quite right for some reason.  Thus, one day I was sitting in the drive-thru at Starbucks plugging in my next estate sale into my phone and it hit me.  Velcro my cell to my steering wheel.  I grabbed my vanilla latte’ and headed straight for Walmart.

A pack of velcro and super glue and VOILA!

It works GREAT!!!!  I can see my GPS —  safely — just glancing down as I’m zooming around the ATL.

When I’m sitting in the drive-thru windows and get to the point to pay or take my food, people always say ‘How do you get your phone to stay there’. I explain, telling them I need to see my GPS  just below my sight line which is important and safe for me.  They then call everyone around the window to view my velcro iphone sitting proudly on my steering wheel.  Yes.  I had to share my velcro invention.  :::::::beaming::::::::


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