Easily distracted — and other tales of tax season…….

IMG_8593Oh good GOD woman — just do it!!!

Today is April 13 —  I’ve been trying (not) so hard to get these darn tax thingies completed —  I just have to do the list turn it into my new cpa.  :::::wrinkling nose and frowning:::::: ugh.

You see —  my previous beau had been doing my taxes for years (bless his heart).  However, we’ve both moved on — and I remember how weird it felt when we were together and his prior wives, girlfriends etc would arrive during tax season (or he would probably meet secretly is my guess — whole other ball of wax there) so that he could do their taxes.  Well — I didnt’ want to be in that ‘Glee Club’.  So I hired a CPA.

As I sit here — thinking of every possible thing to do or come up with (LOOK! There’s a puppy!) sort of thought process —  after I eat my breakfast here and clean out that junk drawer I’ve been meaning to get to since LAST tax season —  I WILL succeed in getting this done.  Darn it.

Hey — I wonder if I need to begin purging my closet for Summer ::::: as she looks down and spots her purse then realizing the overwhelming urge to clean out said purse:::::

In 20 minutes it will be noon.  I will completely begin in 20 minutes.


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