Road Trip

1Sitting in my room at the Sage Inn in Santa Fe …. all my travel mates are taking naps.   Cocktals soon and a feast I’m sure will ensue.  Santa Fe is the land of Carly Simon and Georgia O’Keefe.  Both women whom I admire for different reasons.  Santa Fe also with the scape of adobe architecture, native grasses, turquoise to make my toes curl, and simple beauty that stirs my soul and creative being.

Fighting a nap as I am sitting here dusk is soon upon us.  Even as a child in Kindergarden I was the angelic curious one who didn’t want to miss a thing — I was lucky enough to sit in the headmasters office and keep him company because his book collection was more interesting than nap time.  And so it goes.

We are on a road trip which is always a good thing I think.  My creative juices stir from sights, sounds and people watching.  Sunsets, good food, erudite conversations with this fabulous group of people I’m honored to be among.  Gosh life is just dandy.  Dandy I tell you ::::beaming::::::

As of late, many things have stirred in my head and heart.  It’s good to get away and look at these from a distance.  I smile as I think of this.  I’m truly blessed.  In my family, work, friends, and new people who have entered the ‘Kimy Realm’.   I always am curious as to how I come across to people.  I hope always genuine and kind.  I look at others whom I hold in high esteem and why I see them as such?  I value the curious at heart.  The educated seeker of knowledge (not just higher education which of course I admire but also education of the heart, mind and soul).

The co-travelers have stirred.  More to come from this road trip.  Cocktails have been announced in the room next door.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Anda Broom May 22, 2015 / 7:43 pm

    I learned a new word – erudite – 🙂

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