Lemon Marmalade Jam

3706670_orig“Happiness is like JAM – You can’t spread even a litte without getting some on yourself.”

Recently I watched as a friend made strawberry jam.   It was quite fascinating to see the process — which I’ve never watched up close and personal.    The scene of the jam making frenzy involved cocktails, music in the background as I read the next step from the cookbook to my friend who was playing food scientist for the moment.  The jam turned out quite fabulous I might add.

I started thinking about all sorts of comibinations — and finally grasped just a bit why people can things (preservation) but also it’s an incredibly personal and intimate way to ‘share’ your food creativity with friends.  What a novel idea.

After watching this process a few weeks back I found myself staring into space thinking about all sorts of creative combinations for jam.  ‘This is what Martha Stewart feels like….‘ I thought.   Lemon jam kept popping into my head (because I love yellow, the smell of lemons and it’s a very happy fruit usually garnishing a cocktail for me — ahem) but pairing that with another flavor – the combinations are endless!   After sharing my thoughts with my friends we set out on the ‘Lemon and Blackberry Jam Canning Evening’.   We sipped lemonade garnished with basil infused with Grey Goose, some great tunes on the Bose and a spirited sense of experimentation.   Lemons were sliced, pots were boiled, jars were heated – instructions were read and reread, discussing to see if we were indeed on the right track.  A few moments of furrowed brows, giggles, great conversations and cocktail sipping —::::drum roll::::::: VOILA!  Jam was made!!!!

The final product was completely divine — we poured in the blackberry jam first then crowned that with the golden lemon marmalade creation.  Julia Child has NOTHING on us I assure you (maybe that was a bit much — ::::giggling::::::).

We immediately tasted our beautiful jam creations at dinner on cornbread.  Then we added it to the tenderloin and heck just ate it by the spoonful (at least I did – he he he).   What comes next? Lemon Jam with rosemary and maybe blueberries floating in an endless yellow sea…..  lemon jam with Lavender…. lemon jam infused with mint…..  ::::big grin::::::::

To LIFE!  And lemon marmlade jam.

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