Show and Tell — adult style…… Woot!

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I remember my favorite time in elementary school was Show and Tell.  It was very fascinating to me what people chose to bring.  It’s a very personal and specific interest.  Why do they like this? Where did they come across it? Do I like it? yadda yadda yadda you get it.

It’s a window into ‘who’ they are so to speak.  Because I do estate sales and have the honor to be in so many peoples homes and lives, my work is somewhat like ‘show and tell’ for my clients.  It’s fascinating.  Completely.  Thus, I started sharing sometimes daily (pending on my time and when I think to do it) different things objects people places whatever — just a slice of my life I hope you enjoy.  I share on FB of course — but always use the hashtag #ShowandTell

Your turn!

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