Lost in Space

FullSizeRender (17)Time change.  Take note of that if you will.  It’s November the 2nd, a time change has occurred.  Not to mention I’m moving from one time zone to another.  I’m not even sure what I call the new time zone. It’s what… (googling as I write this) I”m in eastern time zone and come the first of the year if all the stars align I’ll be what….. (googling again)…. Central Time Zone.   That composed with the fact I’ve had cocktails at a friends home (Anda and Jennie you stand guilty of these cocktails take pride if you will) and I’m getting married (the most incredible thing and person in my entire life) is taking place next month, partnered with a different time zone and selling my home and well….. I’m lost in space at this very moment of 8:58pm EST in ATL.  Well. There now.

So. I sit here…nested in quilts…. digging for olives in my Greek salad from Nicks Food to Go in ATL…  for it’s a bit nippy here in Atlanta GA.  I sit as I have for days on end in years past, in my favorite writing spot if you will from my perch in my home in Historic College Park.  I came back to ATL this morning from Birmingham Alabama.  If you would have EVER told me…at any point in my entire LIFE I would be commuting from Alabama in any sense of the word shape or form…. I would have thrown my head back and laughed at you as if you were a cartoon character in some odd skit.  Well… reality is quite magical at times…now isn’t it.   Because my fairy god mother is a flying pig.  And it has a mean wand.

I just bit into a pepperoncini still digging into my greek salad from days ago.  So I visited Greece a month or so back and now I can only eat Greek. What gives?  (digging for an olive again….it’s unending).

I suppose the lost sense of all of this… its that I sit here…. on my ever so cozy couch….  looking out onto my sun room on the back of my house.. my little yellow chalet that has always been my nest.  For at least what…almost 16 years or so?  I turned 50 and my quest was to find the person I would grow old with.  I found him.   This wonderful man who practices law of sorts in a wonderful village in the land of Roll Tide.   And smitten.  Smitten am I with this man.  And when he asked me to marry him I cried for at least what seemed  like…. l5 or 20 minutes until I caught my breath.  But then my world changed.  Because I would venture into a different time zone to sell my beloved chalet which has been a nest.  So I trust that my new nest will be just as wonderful. And it is.  Love is an incredible thing. Take a chance I say.  Magic ensues.

2 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. carly hardy November 4, 2015 / 4:18 am

    I am happy and sad at the same time….happy that you have found that one true love to share for a lifetime! and sad that you will be so far away. Alabama may be a world away from the low country but friendship is always just next door…and mine is always open! Love you so much! carly

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