The Tipping Point — Connector, Maven or Salesman


I remember being oh… maybe 10 or 11.  I was a very observant adventurous kid — I soaked in knowledge, people, places and things.  Overtly curious (much to my parents chagrin and energy level at times- ahem).   I loved learning and sharing with whomever I could.  It’s not something I could help actually – it excited me then and now to share (why would I want to stop anyway – LOL).   Back to my being 10ish — I had a new book (something about Egypt and King Tut if I remember correctly).  I was mesmerized with the pictures of this foreign land.  I read and reread.  I shared this information (possibly adding to it just a bit of scare factor) with a my cousin who was close to my age.  He sat quietly with large eyes listening to everything I had learned (which I think then went into something about King Tut being a zombie and coming out at night – did I mention also I have an over active imagination?).    It was a great story – which also scared the snot out of him which then led to a talk from my mother about not scaring my cousin.  Smack.  I was trying to entertain not scare him.  Jeepers.

Getting back to this —  I’m a connector —  I love sharing with people and connecting them with people places and things.  I’m hard-wired.  There’s a book called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.  I highly recommend you read.  We fall into either a connector, maven or salesperson.  Sometimes we are a bit of each or spill over into some of the other categories.

As you see, I’ve shared this information with you — and hope you connect with it. :::::wink wink::::::



One thought on “The Tipping Point — Connector, Maven or Salesman

  1. Matt Abernathy February 17, 2016 / 4:17 am

    Hey Kimmy! Thanks for the shout-out about Personality Lingo, and love your blog!

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