Friends feed your spirit……

787b0389d6bf9c7fc727fc0ef0c78d3aI woke up this morning in an enchanted land of quilts, beautiful art, whimsical dishes, french pressed coffee and a wonderfully playful red-headed wackadoodle best friend who I adore.  I’m the cheese to her macaroni —  her nickname is Anda Panda Macaroni.  Don’t ever get too old to be silly with your bestie.  You’re missing out if you do.

I drove into Atlanta (the song from the B52’s ‘Atlanta Hwy’ always in my head when on I-20 – I got me a car it’s as big as a WHALE… :::wiggling toes merrily:::::) to handle some business.  Once the business part was over I headed to see ‘The Uncles’ and get my uncle fix — #UncleLove – meet the girls for dinner then sleep over at Panda’s house.   The grandkids room is up a narrow winding staircase that over looks the tops of the trees.  It’s really like a little treehouse room.  Filled with quilted beds, toys, books art, posters and so much more!  I walked to the end of the room where a bedside light was already on to welcome me.  My puffed quilted bed was already pulled back. Dreamy sigh.  La-de-dah-de-dah.  Indeed.

Girlfriends have ALWAYS played a very important part of my life.  The Uncles do too and though they would like to count as girlfriends technically they don’t have the required girlfriend parts (at least not that I’m aware of…ahem).  Giggling at that.  Lordy.

After a wonderful dinner catching up with three very important girlfriends…  Anda locked up and I meandered up to my ‘attic nest’ to retire for the evening.    My lips curled into a smile as I made my way through the dim light to my patchwork quilted bed.  My bedside lamp glowed warmly as I curled up to read.  I quickly realized that wasn’t going to last long.  I reached over turning out the light as moonbeams filtered in through the window where my bed was perched underneath.   Rain drops tipped and tapped making my nights sleep restful and sound.

‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast’. — Queen of Hearts,  Alice in Wonderland. 

I texted Anda when I awoke to let her know I was headed down to make coffee = french press style.   She tends to scream (loudly) when startled.  You understand my text now.

We giggled over morning coffee and Facebook updates.  I in my pink lounging pjs with the white pin-stripes and Panda in a thick robe and red hair sticking up all over the place.   Surrounded by treasures from estate sales and coffee cups…. life is wonderful.

We met more friends for coffee at Rev Coffee (with the hidden bar in the back — love it!).  I headed back to Birmingham and my love – W.   Fun to get away —  great going back home.  Although I have two homes really.  Historic College Park and now Birmingham with W.   Life is wonderful.  Truly.

Girlfriends fill your heart and spirit.  Thank you to all my dear friends who add so much to my world!

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