I feel as if I’m stuck in a weird movie…..

A3827102-0327-42FA-BA81-EEBC681FF3E3Life for everyone has gotten a bit wonky and twisted all of the sudden due to the Carona Virus sweeping our world.  Quarantine,  toilet paper hoarding,  grocery store shelves empty – I feel as if I’m on a set of a Jordan Peele movie gone very wrong.  Que the zombies.  Although I am happy to report the shoe ads on my FB feed have been FABULOUS ::::beaming::::::::  Always look for a silver lining – or shoes in my case.

The urge to flee seeking sandy salty and beach has been overwhelming.  We have plotted to make a small escape but safely so. If anyone fusses about it I’ll get Jenny to spray them with Lysol.  So.   We high-tailed it out of Atlanta after stopping at The Uncles for a can of Lysol (Jenny insisted) and the new book by Pam Scholes called Under the Mulberry Tree.  With toilet paper and vodka we are SET!  Jenny sprays anything I even look at outside of the car.  I stopped for gas and in the flash of an eye her wee self appeared spraying the entire pump.  She’s quick. I then got back into the car and almost suffocated because she had sprayed the car.   Lysol is my new perfume.   ::::sigh::::::  We dropped off supplies at her parents home leaving them on the steps as we waved and blew kisses but keeping a respectable distance.  Jenny would have sprayed them with Lysol if she could have gotten close enough I think.  I had to hold her back.  She’s like a cowboy out of the old Westerns with a can of Lysol on each hip ready to draw and spray.  ::::music from the movie High Noon in the background::::::::: Short people do the most particularly adorable things.  Don’t you wish Jenny was one of your besties ?  Yeah well… back off.  :::pulling my can of Lysol out:::::::  Teasing. I’ll share!

We arrived in SC wistfully wishing one of our favorite shops would magically be open for a quick run in.   It’s called Grayco Hardware & Home in Beaufort –  it’s a hardware store but they also carry high end furnishings, clothing and housewares.  I could live in this shop. They have a great array of Scout bags too.   The stores were in usual shopping mode much to our surprise!  We plotted to keep our distance from everyone with a can of Lysol in Jen’s purse.   We didn’t actually buy anything however just being in a retail settings was worth it.   I don’t think SC got the quarantine message.  Ahem.   We stopped by Walmart same thing.  Full shopping mode business as usual.  We loaded up (already with the most important things we brought with us Vodka and TP) breakfast and food items,, creamer for coffee etc.   We headed on towards Fripp stopping at the Seafood Market to grab a few lbs of shrimp (or Shrimps as the locals say).   Nearing the gates I turned to Jen to say “wouldn’t it be a perfect day if Mangoes was open!”  Mangoes is a boutique here on the island – and yes! They were open! Squeeeeeeeee!  We both found wonderful items on the 50% off rack!  I found a lovely dress, two tops and a wonderful sweater.  Jen found wee things for wee folk.

That was yesterday.

This morning I’m nested in my usual spot and Jen is in hers.  We have our routine.  I get up early write as I sip my morning coffee.  She’s nested upstairs then she meanders down to nest beside me like a small bird in her blanket.  Her blanket this trip is white with pink flamingoes.  Wee folk kind of things.

We are headed to sit on the beach, read sip an all day cocktail.   People are playing golf (I think you can play golf as long as you spray the golf ball down with Lysol who knows).  We will keep a respectable amount of distance between us and the people here.   Maybe we are immune (I’m completely kidding but wistfully wishing it was so).

Quarentined with my wee Jenny – it will give me strength to go back to city life and try to support with optimism and whimsy.   And shoe selection.



**make sure you follow my blog so that you don’t miss a wacky moment!  Stay safe out there!  Lysol and Vodka! 

P.S.  On a very serious note — prayers go out to families affected by this bizarre virus.  WTF China!


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