The old adage stands true………..

My morning routine goes something like this….. I stir out of a wonderful slumber to birds chirping and my three scottie girls starting to move around. Bumble the youngest takes advantage of me being on my back at this point and decides to make a nest on on stomach. Not good. Bathroom calling! I always gently pick her up and remove her from said bladder snuggling her up next to me. Then Cricket the blonde scottie girl does her flip onto her back wanting belly rubs. I lovingly oblige. Pip my oldest and brightest of the bunch walks up to get nose and back rubs.


I shuffle from bed trying to find adequate clothing (still chilly here in the South) then opening the back door so said scotties can run, prance and chase any bird or Nazi squirrel in their site. THEN squinting looking like a blonde Albert Einstein (seriously) into the kitchen to put my hands on my french press and filling up the electric tea kettle. My morning has officially begun when this happens.


I grab phones (yes multiples – I’m gifted you know) and begin email glances, text glances and social media perusing.


I was catching up with a dear friend (who will remain nameless for this story) about something that recently happened on one of the FB neighborhood groups. A person had posted some unfortunate things that had happened to them. This is a family who posted this. With kids. We’ve all struggled at some point in our lives – I know I have!!! Several people were commenting and posting their help and concern as my friend did. But something unfortunate happened – some people were being negative – about the situation. As if they had brought it on themselves. :::::::shaking my head:::::::::


Who has heard this age old saying before??? :::::raising my hand::::::::: It’s pretty natural to judge people I think. It’s human nature. I do it. We all do it. But does it have to exit your mouth and through your fingers into someone else’s world? Think about that for a moment. It’s the ‘what if.’ What if instead of being negative and throwing stones I said nothing? What if I had offered my empathy. What if I had offered help? I understand we can’t help everyone. However are your words an unending source of pain or pleasure? I’m not wearing rose colored glasses here. This isn’t political (I’m extremely SICK of saying that but feel I must always insert that too). It’s common sense. WHAT IF I chose to be kind. WHAT IF I chose to be a cottonheadedninnymuggen? EXACTLY.

My friend was disappointed by some people she knew personally and was aghast at their negative response to this family in need. She wanted to know if she should say something to them? My gut response was NO. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. We can’t control ANYONE but ourselves. But what you CAN DO…… is blow sunshine up their arses. Literally. Killing them with kindness so to speak. MEANING…. continue to give positive responses. Continue with kindness. BE AN ENEMA of SUNSHINE with a mission to dispel UNFORTUNATE peoples comments. Hopefully once you’ve used your SUNSHINE ENEMA enough they’ll be clean.

I think I’m channeling Mahatma Gandhi today or something. Holy snap.






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