Don’t React

Reacting is being human. Learning to not react instantly is something you develop. I’m still working on my non-reacting self. Hope this finds you doing well. I ususally post here when I’m moved by something in particular. So hello again! Hope this finds you doing well. Happy holidays and all that entails.

I’ve always been one to react quickly. I’m hyper sensitive – I’m hard wired that way. My younger years were trying to mask that and cover it up – the older I get I try to understand and judge my reactiion – if I feel like giving one at all. There’s nothing more completely irritating than someone telling me ‘don’t be so sensitive’. Well I am – so don’t be so insensitive! Geez!

I’m sure we’ve all responded with a quick caustic text or email or phone call to someone who struck a nerve. ::::raising my hand —–GUILTY::::::::: What I’ve learned is to wait in lieu of that gut reaction. Feelings change. Always. You may circle back around to that level of intense hurt/pain in the beginning from whatever it is that triggered your initial feeling – but usually it melds into something else. For me reflection as of late is something I try to really focus on. The ‘why’ it made me feel that way :::blah blah blah:::: to looking at it from their perspective ::::::::::even if they are wrong – obviously -kidding – not kidding – maybe lol :::::::::::

I won’t say what happened recently – but it’s a doozy for sure. BUT —— It’s already happened – nothing can change the outcome. However my reaction is something I CAN control. That’s the ONLY thing I can control in any given situation. Which is really quite empowering. Even if the hurt feelings are still present — that too fades. At least you hope it fades…… and it will – truly. Trust me.

You are your own wee universe. You control only you. No one else. You have no power over anyone else – nor do they over you. Unless you let them.

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m feeling all Yoda today.

xo Kimy





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