Mother’s Day 2023 

Don’t React 

The Old Adage Stands……….

Thanksgiving – I’ll Have Sushi Please 

Margaret Frances

Extroverts during COVID 19 

I feel as if I’m stuck in a weird movie……

Yes….. And….

Kimysworld 2019 Review 

Thanksgiving 2019 

When I Become A Ghost

The New Digs

You can’t skip chapters…..

Happy…..and all that entails

Waiting on Snow….. in the South 2019

Happy New Years Eve

She graduated today

Charleston SC Dec 2018 – GF Road Trip

I just realized

Pre-Thanksgiving 2018 

Thistle Patch Cottage

Catching up to do….

Beach in Winter – Jan 2018

Merry Christmas Dec 2017

For John 

2 weeks


Mouse in the House 

Happy Camper


The Tipping Point 

Under the covers….

Lost in Space

Girl Road Trip – Fripp Island 


Reading what other people write….. 

Richard Gallo – forever will be missed

Patti Digh – author

Mrs. Paige Jones -A Historic College Park Icon

‘The Uncles’

Todd Smith – Little Things That Matter

Carly Hardy – Artist

‘Mad Dog’ Kennedy


Lemon Marmalade Jam

Always Learning

Road Trip

AHA moment

Easily distracted – and other tales of tax season

Earlobes – and all that entails

Wrecking Bar Brewpub – L5P – ATL

Dancing Goats Coffee – Decatur

Village – Rise n Dine – Emory Village

Manchester Arms – Historic College Park

The Brake Pad= Historic College Park

Lawrence’s Cafe – Oakhurst – Decatur

Tomato Head – Knoxville

Name Change 

Cocktails in your PJ’s

Mirror Mirror

Catching Up

I’ll Miss You Daddy! 


When it’s TOO early

Secret Society of Serendipity

Snowpocalypse 2014

Book Club

Being Authentic…

The Glorious Pile

Is it hard to make friends over 30?

Best Friend who happens to be a Guy

Those Cheeky Brits!

Project Thankful 2013

If everyone were the same – BORING!


House of Turquoise

Friends are the GLITTER of LIFE

Being Alone versus Being Lonely

Lost and Found

Random Act of Kindess – Starbucks Style

The Practical Widow

When your daughter turns 21

Mean Girls

NYE Resolutions


Project 2012

Turn the Buddha

My Birthday Week Has Begun!

He asked and He said yes!

Starting a trend…….

It’s Complicated

The Doodlebug leaves for College! 

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