Waving goodbye to a friendship

This is not NEW information that i’m going into. I’ve been very blessed and lucky in my life when it comes to friends. I’m proud to say I have a very diverse friend group of every shape size you can imagine. I simply love people. They are their own walking talking work of authentic art. Just like art, some you like more than others.

I have an insular group of best friends as we all do . I had one who I’ve known for decades. I won’t go into details ….. it’s not importnant ‘who’ this person is although some of you can probably guess, and those who know me very well know the serious decision on my part to end the friendship. I’m at that POINT in my life…… that it’s NOT OK to behave a certain way especially if you don’t apologize for the behaviour. An apology goes a LONG way with me. Some people think there’s no need to apologize. I highly disagree. If I’m wrong about something, you’ll get one from me I assure you.

I awoke this lovely March 31st morning with my scotties running around excited to run outside to spot a squirrel or two. I’ve had my morning cup of Joe and I’m busy working. This friend popped up in my head because I was rearranging something on my office wall and the art was from one of our many trips together. I smiled. We’ve had some AMAZING trips together through the years. I look at those years as great memories. I’ll alwasy treasure them. I wish her the best in life and hope she’s truly happy.

That’s when you know you’ve made yourself a proud human being when you wish no ill will on a prior friendship or relationship. That counts to all relationships really, ex spouses (well….except THAT ONE….) Business partnerships, boyfriends in my case.

I hope you get a point you wish people well. It’s a GREAT feeling.

I’m just being all happy and high about life today.

I think hard work, digging in the dirt, dogs and friends make it that for me. Happy.

That’s all I needed to send out to the world this morning.

Happy Friday. I hope you have a great upcoming weekend. Filled with the wonder of the world.

There’s good bad and the ugly out there. But the joy comes from simple things. Travel, dinner with a friend. Digging in the garden. Snuggling with a pet. Wine…..there is that.

Toodles my friends.