Beach in Winter – Jan 2018

IMG_5385One of my favorite travel pals and I (Jennie – we enjoy pronouncing it slow and fervently as ‘Jen- nae’ in a Forrest Gump kind of way) are nested at this very moment on Fripp Island, SC. It’s cold as HECK and WINDY!  I forgot to turn the heat on upstairs last night before crawling into bed to binge-watch Alias Grace on Netflix.  Needless to say…. I awoke several times too cold to find the thermostat and turn the heat on.  The wind howled constantly last night.  It was wonderful (not the sore throat or being cold part – but wind noises were grand).  I thought of the vintage flick The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, light houses we visited in Maine recently.

Jen’s still asleep – I’m wrapped in a blanket with breakfast watching the Palmetto trees being whipped around like those blow up stick men you see at car lots that bend perilously from side to side.  I enjoy being seaside any time of the year.  Winter is a time to hunker down with projects, read, write, sipping steaming cups of coffee with a hint of brandy or whiskey.

It’s the 14th day of January 2018.   There’s only 351 days left of 2018.  Tick tock.  Get busy! I’ve done my project list for 2018 which includes 2 writing projects I hope to have completed and published by the end of the year.   One a novel and the other is a children’s book that’s been in my head for quite some time.   This is my year of getting them onto paper and published.   I’ve already committed myself to doing these two important tasks on my calendar.  And well…. you know what that means.  It has to be done if it’s on my calendar.  They have their very own pink post-it notes.   Yes.  If you’ve made the post it note on my calendar it’s a done deal. Pretty much. Unless I change my mind of course.

We drove from Atlanta a few days back heading to Charleston SC.   Jen’s sister-in-law a dynamo of an entrepreneur was in meetings this weekend in Chuck-town.  We visited (did I mention the new favorite cocktail?? Those INCREDIBLE lemony things at the oyster bar.  Good GRIEF those were the bomb.  THE BOMB I TELL YOU.  Somewhat like a Lemon Drop Martini-  however these lemony heavenly liquid bombs were almost healthy tasting – until you had 2 and realized they had alcohol in them.   To be exact (I’ve now looked at my photos) the place is Rappahannock Oyster Bar and the lemony devils were called Jessie’s Girl made with vodka, lemon juice –that was the healthy part I’m thinking– Pamplemouse (no clue what that is about to google it – sounds like a mouse with a title from the Queen Mother) and burnt honey.   My favorite cocktail BY FAR that I can recall discovering in a while.   Thanks for letting us mingle Wendy! Super fun to say the least. You surround yourself with great people.

We packed up the next morning (Fri) then headed to Fripp Island;  Where I now sit with a horrible sore throat, stuffy nose and probably pneumonia because I didn’t get up and turn the heat on last night.  I’m sipping coffee hoping to make a dent in the pain.

I brought all this work to piddle around with – and instead have binge-watched The Originals, The Vault (good twist) and now Alias Grace.  Sometimes you just need to fill your head with these fluff.     Give yourself permission to just be.   Staring out at the Palmettos being blown about by the ocean air is mesmerizing.  I see a nap in my future even though it’s only 8:30am.   I should probably gargle with salt water.  That was my first thought when my throat was killing me – gargle with salt water as my ex husband the one who shall not be named (Release the Kraken from a prior post who happens to be an ENT) would preach.   It makes me NOT want to do that just because I know he would suggest it.  I am stubborn I think as my hubby W would say — well I am. :::::looking very stubborn:::::

Isn’t it interesting to sit and contemplate life….. as we all do.  My life, my kids, friends, etc.   How you get to this point and where are you going.  What would you do differently or not.   Just enjoy the ride as you have.    Does everyone feel like the 8 year old inside as I do.  The wonder of life and all that you’ve done, accomplished.  People you’ve met along the way.  Friends who your life would not be complete without and then those who have disappointed you and are no longer in your life.   You close the circle of friends tighter and even though you are blessed to have many only that close inner circle are now trusted advisors.   You’ve learned along the way.   What do you want to do with the rest of your life – where will you be – who will be in it… etc etc etc (said in a Yule Brenner –  King and I sort of way).

I hope I never stop seeking, searching, wishing, exploring.   We are all wired so differently.   That’s the joy in life – the unique people who cross your path.  The journey of the why the where.   For me, if you stop learning you stop growing.

I hear Jen stirring upstairs.  I smile thinking about how many times I’ve sat in this exact spot, looking out at these same trees, pondering all these same questions and being completely happy to just sit here and ‘be’.   Salty air has that effect on me.  It revives my soul – it stirs my creative spirit .  Jen’s here now with me on the other sofa.  She has her fluffy flamingo blankie this trip.  Her blanket of choice is usually a blue polka dot one you’ve seen before I’m sure.

I hope you enjoy the photos — I consider myself a photo journalist of sorts.  I thrill in sharing my eye on my journeys.  Hopefully you’ll see and remember a spot you’ve visited yourself – or will maybe prompt you to add a city to your list of travels based on my photographs.

“Don’t listen to what I  say – go see it for yourself”. 




Girls Road Trip!


Left ATL today for Fripp Island SC.   Girl Road Trip. #GirlsRoadTrip  I love a good hashtag.  Don’t you know.

First let me say — I got engaged this past Sunday.  To the most incredible man.  How humble am I that he loves ME.  When we first met — I gave him a perfect cupid figurine – I had the twin but mine had the broken wing.  I joked to him that we had cupids plotting to get us to fall in love.  He’s so very perfect and I’m just me.  I told my daughter — for all the things I’ve been through in my life, that I would end up here, with this man; I will grow old together with him — I could watch paint dry with him – or grass grow.  Are you curling your lip thinking ‘oh lordy let’s move on…. ‘ fine.  I’ll continue with what I originally started with which was a ‘Girls Road Trip’ however…. I’m in dreamy sigh high heaven thankful to the stars and God above.  :::::wiggling toes merrily::::::

I asked my most wonderful husband to be, if he was ‘ok’ with me going to Fripp Island for a few days to do girly girl things – talk, read, sip cocktails by the setting sun, breath in the salty crisp ocean air that is the October way by the sea.   And do you know what he said ?  He completely supports ‘girl time’.   Once again — I adore this man.  Respect him to the moon and back.  Thus….road trip begins.

Girl talk, chat and everyone in all three of our lives discussed on the 5 plus hour drive from ATL to Fripp Island SC.  Our tradition of eating breakfast at WaHo (Waffle House) even though it was almost 1pm (my fault).   It’s not gossip — it’s sharing.  Ahem.  Our dart and dash drive was to catch sunset this evening which happened at 6:46 EST.  Cocktail in hand we made our destination sunset zipping through the streets on the new golf cart (thanks Jeff & Wendy).

Quite nippy and chilly which has been delightlful  Wrapped in blankets we skirted to the edge of the island at the cocktail culdesac to watch the glorious illumination of sunset.  Breathtaking.  Enchanting.

Because I have a completely conservative view for myself and tattoos (but admire from afar those who have the balls to get them) – we made ink dots on our wrists to symbolize our soriety of girlfriend trips.   It sufficed.  Creatively so.

Now we sit nested in blankets post cocktails (still sipping mine) each reading our books, writing for me — lost in our own thoughts.  Jules in her wonderful black pjs, Jen-nay (said in a Forrest Gump sort of way) in her polka dot blanket (signature staple) and matching pjs, me in my favorite beach sweater and nerdy Buddy Holly glasses.

“Girlfriends will make you laugh so hard you snort (in a nice restaurant), hold you when you hurt, and always seem to know when you need them most. “

Thankful for all my friends — xxoo

two women relaxing in adirondack chairs on a tropical beach

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