Name Change!

FullSizeRender (3)Happy Sunday everyone!  I’m sitting here covered in — you guessed it — pugs (aka the Girls).  It’s frigid here in Atlanta – Holy cow! It’s 46 degrees! And it’s almost noon!

After a week of brainstorming with anyone who would listen (especially if I happened to have been driving and you were a completely captive audience! he he he) I’ve changed the name of my blog from The Social Single to Cocktails at Seven.  It was time.  Still single (hint hint and looking) however the blog The Social Single was never about being single —  it was about the solo journey through life.  However, it was time for me to change it to how my life is reflected to me (and that’s all that matters is my opinion here – LOL).  Thus, Cocktails at Seven came about.

Making it special is my creed.  Whenever I travel one of the main goals is to make sure I’m seated and able to view sunset with a cocktail.

Stay tuned for more tweaking on the website —  and thanks for listening to me.  Thank goodness someone does besides the girls (aka the pugs Olive, Finnegan and Piper. LOL )FullSizeRender (19)