A wee bit about her….

IMG_5354Kimy is a proud Atlanta (previously Historic College Park) native.  She moved to Birmingham after meeting and falling in love with a wonderful Bham attorney::::dreamy sigh::::::: She lives on a tree-lined enchanted street among the rolling hills in downtown Birmingham.  She adores her new Southern city she now calls home.

Kimy has considered herself a writer, even at a young age being in love with the written word and books.  She earned a BS in Business/Marketing from Clayton State University in Morrow, Ga.  In addition to her blog Cocktails at Seven, she is also the author of Historic College Park through Arcadia Publishing; a historic pictorial of her beloved neighborhood in Atlanta.  She began Peachtree Estate Sales (Atlanta) selling the company when she married W.  She then created Birmingham Estate Sales LLC (in Birmingham, Al).   She has two children – one who graduated from University of Alabama (Roll Tide! Woot!) and has begun a 2nd degree at Samford University and one who is in his first year at Auburn University (Go Tigers!).

She founded Historic College Park Book Club (HCPBookClub.com) years ago which includes some of the notorious and eclectic ladies of her historic district College Park.  She continues to travel the 2 hours to Atlanta from Birmingham for book club.  Woot! Kimy LOVES books — she has a Little Free Library in front of her prior home in ATL and has scattered 16 plus Little Free Libraries throughout Atlanta and Birmingham.   She also began another book club called Birmingham Literal Society (birminghamliterarysociety.com).

Being YOU  is an Art form – invest in yourself, seek things that you enjoy  and most importantly – love WHO YOU ARE!!!- Kimy Kennedy

Whether married or single, we are all on a journey of exploring who we are.

I love getting older – truly.  I would not want to go back and re-live those younger days.  I feel as if I know myself so more completely now.  Always learning and always adjusting who I am.  Fine-tuning if you will. Celebrate YOU!




  1. Hey there, gorgeous girl! It was so great meeting you and getting to spend some time with you. Looking forward to spending some quality girlfriend time in Atlanta very soon. Thanks for sharing your spirit so freely. It was just what I needed.

    Be happy – be well – see you soon!

    Jenn Jenn


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