Dancing Goats Coffee Bar – Decatur, Ga

          Do you have a favorite coffee shop?  I actually have a few, but Dancing Goats in Decatur is probably one of my top places to sit and catch up with Di – people watch – read a book while sipping on a sensual chi latte.   I know most of the dogs (and their owners by face).  There’s the hush puppy dog with his thick brown tail always wagging.  He has the most adorable chunky legs and paws.  Always has a grin on his canine face.  Then there’s the white french bulldog who is quite charming however don’t bend down to cooooo too closely — he’s apt to nip your nose which I can say hurts like heck!  No hard feelings though.  Truly.

DG is pleasing to the senses (at least to mine).  The music leans more towards classical (this is a good thing).   The bright blue awning on the front of the building.  The modern interior with stainless painted mossy green on the walls.   In warmer months you’ll find people stalking the front patio tables (we could use a wee bit more outdoor seating please).   Indoors the overstuffed sofas and chairs are extremely cozy.  The locals are always there on the weekends….  the professor at Emory usually with his paper rolled up, reading glasses perched on the front of his nose, hair mussed.  The moms with their petite bebe’s in tow.  This past Saturday the most precious of children came in their pajamas.  We did that when the kids were younger.  It was a must at a sleepover the next morning to head out for breakfast in pjs.  :::happy sigh:::::  The students sitting hunched over their laptops and papers.  I smile at those.  They look sleep deprived and haggard.  Good ol’ college days.   The group of older ladies who meet before they play tennis.  Then there’s us.  Two friends who make it a point to meet at least once a month pending busy schedules on both sides.  We catch up on what we’re reading, kids and life.   Doing that over the phone just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to being in person at your favorite coffee shop.  We actually get up super early to get there.  As most do.  And on a weekend no doubt.  Sleep late?  Not this Saturday.  An afternoon nap will follow I can assure you.

They make a great cup of Joe and of course you have all the usual latte’s, etc.  DG has these incredibly sugary tiny donuts.  I try to stay away from those (be quiet Di).  The petite quiche are quite yummy as well.  The yogurt has large crunchy granola with fresh fruit.

Toddle over to Dancing Goats this weekend…. you’ll be pleased.

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