How old am I again?? ‘Mean Girls’ exist at every age.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.  ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

We’ve all been through this before.  Sometimes we’re the ones doing it, other times we’re the objects having it done to us.  Once again, ‘How Old Am I Again?‘  Old enough to not get caught up in the web of gossip.   Ahh….but I digress.

So, I suppose many of you reading this are 40 and over, at least that’s my intended target audience, although forge ahead if you fall under the radar.  I’m inclusive – not exclusive.

Hold my hand and walk with me through my memories of high school.  Yes…..  many of us probably don’t want to venture there, however I really enjoyed my HS days.  Although there were times when it was prickly and I could more than likely contribute that to #1 Boyfriend Heartaches or #2 the Mean Girls or the obscure #3 My parents just don’t understand ME!

Now, I was a cheerleader and in a select group of girls, but I was always inclusive – not exclusive.  I was very keen on being friends with whomever- no matter what group you were in.  I like diversity.  We had the freaks, nerds, goody-goodies, popular crowd, no Goths yet that I can remember, but the masses that didn’t really fall into any group at all.  Remember your HS years?

I go back to these thoughts because of some activity that was brought to my attention – I was more indirectly involved more than anything.  Or maybe more directly involved but by the awareness of keeping peace if that makes any sense.  I’m not one to have conflict or argue – life is too short.   I know sometimes it’s unavoidable – but I prefer to be serene (putting my rose-colored glasses back on thank you very much).

It’s really hard not to get drawn into talking (I like to think of it as ‘sharing’ of information although that’s just my way of glossing over the fact that – we all do it.  Gossip.  Rumor Mill.)  Whatever you call it.    Sometimes, it’s done out of concern or so we tell ourselves, other times it’s quite manipulative and malicious.    For women in particular – it’s just what we do.  We’re wired like that.  We share.

When you’re a part of a very tight- knit group of friends/neighbors/communities, we all like to know what’s going on.  That’s a part of life and I enjoy it as much as the next person. Even though I’ve been the object more than once I can assure you – I’m just being honest.  HOWEVER – if it begins to interfere with a couple’s relationship, or a group of friends,  because well, you’re trying to be a part of something that has nothing to do with you – then it’s a problem.  A big problem.  I choose to take a large step out of that situation and continue on.  Sometimes, we’re drawn into it just by matter of proximity to all parties involved – and God only knows – I get drawn in more than I’d like to – and then all heck breaks loose and well.  :::::deep sigh:::::: The chips fall where they may.   Some friendships are ended sadly, people take sides – and then I realize we’re older of course, many more wise for the years, and then there are the one’s who are still stuck in HS days.  Cliques.

Be honest – has this happened to you?  You’re friends with everyone involved – and everyone is looking at you to take sides – which hey – unless you’ve committed some horrendous crime or have cheated on your taxes – I’m still going to like you.  I also have to do what’s in my heart, and what is best for me.  That’s the benefit of getting older – I can do that.  I more than not tend to like everyone.  Different levels of like apply and pending on your behavior in events like this – that the LIKE aspect may dwindle to a mildness of like – but like was still used in the description (although somewhat obscurely).

So, my question to you dear reader – Have you ever been involved in gossip – even at our age?  Care to share?

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