The Doodle leaves for college ::::gulp:::::

I am speechless.  But not without fingers to convey.

I am so proud of her.  She graduated from Woodward with a Silver Eagle last year.  Tough school – proud mom.

She was named Doodlebug before she ever became Laura.  God I love that child.   So many memories flood me from day to day.  From when she walked the beach at Sea Island flinging her bathing suit to the wind.  She was always a naked loving kind of child.  (note to self:  Stay away from Girls Gone Wild my dear one).   She was a curly-headed observant curious little girl.  I loved her toes.  Still do.  Planting flowers, finding rocks in her pockets, listening to her chatter.  It happened so quickly, her growing up.  But oh…..she’s grown into such a beautiful young lady.  Still my Doodlebug.  Most kids when they become older cringe at nicknames….but everyone knows ‘The Doodle’.  It describes her perfectly.  My bug.  ::::lip quivering::::::

Oh but the pain…. the tears come so fast.  I miss her already and she’s leaving tomorrow.  I want to shrink her down and put her back and start all over again.  I suppose that’s what grandkids are for but oh it hurts.   The sadness of her leaving wakes me up at night.  The joy of her experiences to come, of her achievements and goals.  Of course her only concern right this very moment is sorority rush coming up.  Gotta love the Doodle.  She’s a long, lean beautiful girl.  I’ve had to stop watching Nancy Grace for fear I would go bonkers from worry.  She’ll be fine.  Life comes and she’ll be fine.

Ok……enough.  Buck up self.  Square your shoulders.  Let her go.  Did I mention I’m only 3 hours away from University of Alabama?

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